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H7 Xenon 5000 Ring Globes

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R 510.00
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Ring H7 Xenon 5000 

- Set of 2

Whiter Headlamp

Xenon5000 H7 5000K halogen headlamp. Enhance your vehicle with Ring's Xenon5000. With a 5000K colour temperature, the Xenon5000 creates an LED headlamp look with a white light that matches LED daytime running lamps. The white light also gives better reflection from road markings and signs, allowing for easier night time driving. They also put 50% more light on the road, and require no wiring changes. 

- 5000K colour temperature H11 bulb for LED headlamp look 
- White light blends with LED DRL lamps 
- Closer to daylight for a more comfortable night time drive 
- See road signs and markings earlier with reflective white light 
- Crisp white light and high power beam 
- Puts up to 50% more light on the road for safer and more comfortable night driving 
- E Regulation: 37 - FILAMENT LAMPS