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Number Plate Reverse Camera

Original price R 650.00 - Original price R 650.00
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R 650.00
R 650.00 - R 650.00
Current price R 650.00
  • With High-definition wide viewing angles and good waterproof functions, it’s perfectly to fit with your license plate, and also help reduce incidents and accident.
  • Anti-fog glass.
  • Made From Top Quality Plastic
  • Supports NTSC/PAL video system.
  • Embedded mounting in rear bumper.
  • Snap-in design, easy to install.
  • High-definition and 170 degree wide viewing angle with 4 LEDs for night vision.
  • Water-proof, shock-proof and anti-jamming functions.
  • This camera can give you a full sight of the back of your car when you are driving.
  • Low illumination level, it can work within 3 meters at night and other dark environments.
  • Real-time rear view while reversing car to ensure your safety
  • Strong anti-interference ability, high image quality.
  • Connect to any type of monitor with a composite yellow RCA jack for crystal clear resolution mounted inside will fit into most vehicle key holes, no other installation needed.
  • Includes :Number Plater Holder With Rear View Camera, RCA Monitor Cable, Power Cable